The best ideas and tips for hanging medals

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Discover the best ideas to hang your medals at home.

Whether you are an experienced athlete or if you have just started in the world of sports competitions, you surely need to start thinking about where to place the medals you get in the sports events in which you participate. To do this, the best way is to have a medal rack that allows you to hang and organize your sports medals.

Types of sports medals

Among the different types of sports medals that you will accumulate, we can find medals of different types:

Embossed medals

They have relief on a three-dimensional surface on which certain elements of the surface stand out.

Disc holder medals

They usually have an attractive design and are made of durable materials, such as metal or plastic.

Medals with special designs

Medals that have a peculiar design, designed for competitions and special events.

The vast majority of medals have a common denominator, and that is that they have a ribbon for medals that will make it easier for us to organize them at home.

The importance of choosing a good medal hanger

Choosing a suitable and secure medal hanger is important to protect and keep your medals in good condition. We must ensure that it is a strong and durable hanger to support the weight and size of the medals and that it is well attached to prevent them from falling or being damaged.

This may not be a problem at first, if we don't have a large number of medals, but as we participate in popular races or competitions of a more demanding level, we will surely end up accumulating a large number of medals that we will have to store safely.

Original ideas to organize your medals

A medal hanger is one of the best ideas to hang our medals. There are hangers of different types, so the choice of one or another type of hanger will be based more on your preferences and storage and organization needs.

Apart from the homemade hangers, which we can all manufacture with more or less success, today there are many options to hang our medals:

Hang medals on the wall

They are elements that we can fix to the wall and are used to hang medals safely. They can be made of different materials, such as metal or plastic, and have different designs and styles.

Hang closet medals

These types of hangers are usually fixed to the wall or placed in a closet and guarantee us to be able to store our medals in complete safety.

Trays or boxes of medals

They usually have a different format, so they are designed to present the medals in an orderly and attractive way. The trays or boxes can be made of different materials, such as metal or plastic, and can have different designs and colors.

Glass cabinets or boxes

They are used to display medals safely and securely. The showcases or glass boxes can be of different sizes and designs and can be placed in different places, although normally this type of element is usually placed in places such as rooms or exhibition halls with a larger space.

In conclusion, the best medal hanger will be the one that best suits your needs and the space in which you want to store or display them. In private spaces, the use of alternatives such as a medal hanger for the closet or a medal hanger for the wall can solve the problem, but if we want our medals to be admired and appreciated, we must opt for other options such as showcases, with wider space to expose them.


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