Best-known summer trophies in Spain

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When summer arrives, the calendar is filled with iconic soccer competitions, not only for their matches, but also for their trophies. During these three months, dozens of national and international teams compete in friendly matches for the best-known summer trophies in Spain, but do you know which ones we're talking about?

In today's article we will talk a little more in depth about each of them. We assure you that they will not leave anyone indifferent!

Do you dare to meet them?

Most popular Spanish soccer trophies

As we have mentioned, the best-known summer competition trophies in Spain leave no one indifferent. Carranza, Santiago Bernabeu, Colombino or Teresa Herrera are some of the ones that we will talk about today, but they are not the only ones. Go for it!

Carranza Trophy

First on the list of the best-known summer trophies in Spain has to be the Carranza trophy. This competition was founded in 1955 by Cádiz C.F., coinciding with the inauguration of the Ramón de Carranza State and with the aim of trying to mitigate a major economic crisis that the club was going through.

As far as the trophy is concerned, this is a classic cup that measures one and a half meters and weighs around 12 kilos.

Santiago Bernabéu Trophy

Since 1979 Real Madrid has had its own summer trophy: the Santiago Bernabéu. Every year the club's stadium hosts this competition in memory of its historic former president.

This trophy has evolved over the years and very special cups have been seen, such as the replica that was created of the stadium itself for the club's centenary.

Columbian Trophy

Recreativo de Huelva also has its own friendly tournament: the Colombino trophy. This has been celebrated since 1965 and, since 2001, it has been celebrated in the Nuevo Colombino State. Without a doubt, it is one of the essential events for Andalusian football lovers.

A silver caravel makes this one of the most recognized and, at the same time, heaviest trophies in summer tournaments.

Teresa Herrera Trophy

The Abanca-Riazor Stadium has hosted the Teresa Herrera Trophy summer tournament every year since 1946.

This tournament has had 5 designs for its trophy. The design of the current one, the Tower of Hercules, is made annually by Malde Jewelry with materials such as gold and silver, making its weight exceed 40 kilos.

Orange Trophy

Who more than Valencia Club de Fútbol could count on a summer tournament they call the “Orange Trophy”?

Every year the Mestalla hosts this friendly match between Valencia and another invited international team. The winner takes home a classic silver cup.

Costa del Sol Trophy

Continuing with the tournaments whose trophy is a classic cup, we have the Costa del Sol Trophy, organized by Málaga Club de Fútbol.

Since 1961, this friendly match held at the La Rosaleda Stadium has welcomed an invited team against which the cup is played, which has a value of more than 30,000 euros.

Joan Gamper Trophy

Among the most common commercial cups, we have the Joan Gamper Trophy. This summer tournament organized by the Fútbol Club Barcelona is held in honor of its founder Joan Gamper.

As we have mentioned, it is a commercial cup that weighs around 11 kilos and is made up of materials such as silver, marble and gold.

Cookie trophy

To finish off this list of the best-known summer trophies in Spain, we have a tournament whose name does not go unnoticed: the Cookie Trophy.

Held in the town of Aguilar del Campoo (Palencia), this event has the support of the Diputación de Palencia and various commercial brands of cookies, of course.

Contrary to what you may think, it is not a cookie trophy: It is a cup that has an imposing eagle on top.

What is the biggest soccer trophy in Spain?

Among all the mentioned trophies, the biggest soccer trophy in Spain is the Teresa Herrera. This, as we have mentioned before, weighs more than 40 kilos due to the gold and silver used to make it.

What is the oldest summer trophy in Spain?

If we ask ourselves, however, what is the Spanish summer trophy, we have to mention one that is not on this list: The Playa y Sol Trophy. This friendly tournament has been held since 1901 in Águilas, in the Murcia region, between Águilas FC and Lorca Deportiva.

Despite suffering some interruptions from its creation until the middle of the 20th century, it has been held annually since 1950, making it the oldest summer trophy in Spain.

Conclusion: variety among the best-known summer trophies in Spain

As you have been able to observe, the trophies can come in any shape, with any size and of any material. Proof of this are the different trophies that we have talked about in today's post: The Teresa Herrera, the


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