Our website works with secure communications for the treatment of your data and the purchase process is secured with SSL secure browsing through a security certificate.

Thanks to the SSL certificate, your data is protected by HTTPS browsing, which lets you know that it is safe to enter the website and ensures an encrypted connection that protects communications while browsing.

Payment methods

Card payment

We operate with the main cards on the market: Visa and Mastercard. Online card payments are a convenient, fast and effective method when making purchases online.

The amount will be charged to your credit card after confirming the order and making the payment. Your credit card information will be transferred using SSL technology which makes card payment secure.

PayPal payment

You can pay for your orders with your PayPal account. PayPal automatically encrypts sensitive data with the help of the best technologies available on the market and offers you the possibility to pay safely, easily and quickly, with a simple and easy registration. Your bank or credit card details are only stored in PayPal, which makes payments even more secure.

Payment by bank transfer

If you select bank transfer as the payment method, you will receive, along with the confirmation of your order on the screen, an e-mail indicating the information necessary to make the bank transfer.

The bank transfer or account deposit supposes a delay in the management of your purchase, since the order will not enter the preparation process until the transfer has been confirmed.

The information you need to make the transfer will appear once you confirm the order.

We suggest that you include the order number or name of the buyer in the description of the bank transaction.