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Discover our exclusive collection of commemorative plates and trays, ideal for handing out at your events or giving away on special occasions. Each one of them is unique in its design and customization, transmitting elegance and distinction to those who receive it.

Plates and trays with a variety of designs

Trophies in the form of a plate or tray offer a wide variety of designs and styles. They can be from engraved metal plates to carved glass trays. This versatility allows it to be adapted to different themes and occasions, providing options for prizes in various fields, such as sports, arts, gastronomy, corporate events, among others.

Sober and elegant trophies

Trays and plates are a type of trophy that usually convey elegance and sophistication. Its selected finishes and materials, such as glass, porcelain or polished metal, provide a luxurious and refined appearance. This characteristic makes them recognitions of high value and distinction.

Plates and trays with customizable surface

The flat surface of the plate or tray offers ample room for personalization, including the award's name, occasion, achievement, recipient's name, and other relevant details.

In addition, designs, emblems or logos related to the event or organization can be engraved.

Additional functionality of plates and trays

Unlike other types of trophies, plates or trays can also have practical utility beyond their symbolic value. They can be used as decorative objects, as containers to display items, or even as presentation plates at special events or celebrations.

Durability and longevity

Plate or tray shaped trophies are durable and designed to stand the test of time. The materials they are made of, such as resistant metal or high-quality glass, ensure their durability and keep their appearance intact for years.

Prestige and distinction

Trophies in the form of a plate or tray are commonly associated with awards of high status and recognition. Their elegant and distinctive design evokes a sense of prestige and distinction, making them highly valued accolades in various arenas.

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