Embossed medals

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A wide variety of embossed medals of various sizes, personalized to your liking and with a unique design.

Other types of medals you may be interested in
Medals with disc holder

Medals with disc holders

The disc holder medals offer the possibility of customizing the appearance of your medal to a specific sports discipline.

Medals with special designs

Medals with special designs

The designs of our special medals are eye-catching and customizable for different sports modalities.

Lanyards and medal ribbons

Larnyards and Medal Ribbons

The lanyards are an ideal complement to medals to give them a personalized and distinguished touch.

Medal Add-ons

Accessories for medals

In our medal accessories catalog you will find a large selection of accessories to show off your sports medal.

Trophies for sports competitions

Sports trophies

An award to complement a medal is certainly a good sports trophy. Discover our extensive catalogue.

Customizable Commemorative Plaques

Commemorative plaques

Discover our commemorative plaques for celebrations and events customizable and with a unique design.