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Browse our catalogue of medal ribbons and choose the colours and styles that best suit your event. Choose your lanyards according to your preferences and make the purchase through our safe and efficient purchase process, guaranteeing you a hassle-free experience.

Ribbons and lanyards for medals: personalization and distinction in each event

Discover our wide range of ribbons and lanyards specially designed to enhance your medals and awards. Whether at sporting events, recognition ceremonies or corporate conferences, our ribbons and lanyards are the perfect choice to add a touch of professionalism and distinction.

Ribbons for personalized medals

In our catalogue, you will find a variety of customization options that will allow you to add a unique touch to your medals. From choosing corporate colours to printing personalized logos and messages, our ribbons and lanyards will transform your awards into unforgettable memories for participants and attendees.

Quality ribbons and lanyards that stand the test of time

We know how important it is that your medals and awards maintain their splendour over time. That is why our ribbons and lanyards are made with high quality materials, ensuring durability and resistance throughout numerous events and occasions.

Different types of tapes according to the need

Our category of medal ribbons and lanyards offers a wide range of options to suit your specific needs. From secure closures to different lengths and widths, you'll find the perfect combination to complement your prizes and projects.

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Embossed medals

Embossed medals

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Special medals

Medals with special designs

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Medals with disc holder

Disc Holder Medals

Check out our disc holder medal catalog that will allow you to customize its design for a specific competition.

Medal Add-ons

Accessories for medals

Discover our supply of accessories for medals, and give your trophy a different and personalized touch.

Trophies for sports competitions

Online trophy shop

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Customizable Commemorative Plaques

Commemorative plaques

Our commemorative plaques catalog will help you distinguish your celebration or event in a unique way.